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We are Commercial Change Consultants.

Commercial is in our DNA.


CATCH Commercial Partners think strategically, can help develop practical strategies and can support the delivery of the designed solutions. We engage with you from discovery through to implementation, rolling up our sleeves to operate as an extension to your team whilst providing an independent, experienced view. Our established partnership provides you with safe hands to do the heavy lifting and turn strategy into action, achieving your desired outcomes time efficiently. We take on the responsibility of delivering identified opportunities and as board level operators we not only help you build the case for sustainable change, we also share the accountability for operational execution.



​​Breadth and Depth.

CATCH is founded on more than 40 years’ collective commercial experience across a diverse range of sectors (public and private), industries and geographies, working both buy side and supply side. 

Strategy into Action.

We understand the successful ingredients needed to translate strategy into action and convert action into tangible, fit-for-purpose outcomes for you. 

Connect the Dots.

We take a holistic, integrated approach working across your internal and external stakeholders to mitigate risk and stitch together right-sized solutions that focus on your organisational needs. 

We Embrace Change.

Change and transformation are central themes in our experience and continue to be at the heart of what we do. We create the environment for you to make decisions that are robust and aspirational yet grounded in practicality.

Effective, Efficient Delivery.

Our unique partnership engagement approach provides you with high impact and stress-tested solutions yielding time and fiscal efficiencies for you, maximising return on investment. Our aim is to deliver long lasting value to our clients.

Sustainability is Our Passion.

We are future focused and passionate about helping others implement sustainable impact – we apply a broad context to sustainability to deliver social, environmental and economic outcomes. 

Why Catch?
Our Approach


Our unique engagement approach harnesses over 40 years’ collective experience across a diverse range of sectors, industries and geographies and provides you with an effective delivery model to maximise return on investment.

Design, discover, deliver
Discover commercial strategies

Naturally inquisitive, we ask the right questions that get to the heart of the matter quickly. We engage across your internal and external environment to understand the strategic drivers and operational dependencies. We help define your requirements in a way that makes it easier for your suppliers to respond to. Sell side, we can help align your value proposition to your customers’ needs and identify potential opportunities to grow your value offering.

Design commercial solutions

We identify alternative options and create the space you need to make the best decisions for your business. We effect the change you seek and get the results you want. We can help you build the case for change and are happy engaging at all levels of an organisation, from boardroom to frontline. 

Deliver agile commercial objectives

We are agile by nature. Any solution we propose will continue to evolve throughout the delivery stage, remaining responsive to risks and opportunities in your environment. We aim to deliver value beyond our direct engagement providing you with the foundation for you to manage your long-term commercial and strategic business objectives.


We help you solve complex commercial issues. We offer a suite of tailored services to effect the commercial changes and outcomes you need.


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Karen Whitehouse


m. +64 (0)27 686 9046


Melvin Worth


m. +64 (0)22 413 0395

Both originally from the UK and prior to knowing each other, we emigrated to New Zealand following our passion and pursuit of the great outdoors. Wellington is now our home. 


In 2018 we became colleagues and soon realised that we have a shared outlook on how to deliver long lasting value to stakeholders along with a desire to create sustainable impact that our kids will be proud of. This was the catalyst for founding CATCH Commercial Partners. 


Change and transformation are common themes throughout our career histories. We understand what the successful ingredients are to translate strategy into action and convert action into tangible outcomes.  


Our combined commercial experience, including Sales & Marketing roles, allows us to provide a broad and deep suite of customer centric services.    


We have held senior management and leadership roles in large blue-chip (FTSE & NASDAQ) organisations globally, including UK, US, EMEA and APAC. We are existing Directors and Shareholders of other successful businesses and between us are commercial and residential landlords.


We focus on strengthening new and existing business relationships to effect positive change and increased value for all parties.  


We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you on your commercial goals. 

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